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Horti Innovations has 4 different types of wheels available that fit under any Danish trolley or CC container. Both swivel castors as fixed castors are available. 

Type 1 is of Chinese quality, and also come standard with all of our Danish trolleys. The wheel base is made of plastic, and the frame is made of steel. The wheel spins around a needle bearing.(used one time)

Type 1 wiel voor Deense karren

Type 2 (new wheels) is a wheel of Chinese quality as well. The quality of the steel and plastic is better  than Type 1. 

Type 2 wiel voor Deense karren

Type 3 (new wheels), wheels are of German quality. The syntethic rubber and steel are high quality, and the wheel spins around a needle bearing. 

Type 3 wiel voor Deense karren

The Type 4 (new wheels) wheel is the highest quality wheel in our assortment. The wheels are produced in Germany, and made of high quality rubber and steel. The wheel spins around a ball-bearing instead of a needle bearing. 

Type 4 wiel voor Deense karren 

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